First Character - Mickey the Butcher

I recently finished enough of the revamped character creation process that I was able to quickly run up a character, albeit without putting a huge amount of detail into it. Most of the character fluff is taken directly from the lifepath text.

From a game design perspective, I've had a concern that (as with many lifepath-based RPGs) character creation could take a while. Combine that with a particularly lethal combat system and you run the risk of characters being killed mid-session and players not having the opportunity to work on a new character whilst play continues (though depending on each GM's approach to handling character death, this may be a non-issue).

It took around 20 minutes to create the character, probably closer to 15 if you subtract the time I spent fixing typos and editing really badly written text as I came across it. 😄 I also tweaked the order of the character creation section of the rules to make it flow more naturally (even though, as with many lifepath systems, there is still come flipping back and forth). I'm comfortable with that length of time, especially as it shouldn't be a process that requires much consultation with the GM unless the player makes some exceptional dice rolls.

So, welcome to Mickey. A bit of a Peaky Blinders vibe to him and with 8 dice (and an Expertise) in Blades, he's going to do a good job of slicing up anyone that gets in his way. The emphasis on FIGHTING and PHYSICAL skills mirrors his time as a Scuttler and in the Navy, with a few dice in ACADEMIA from his early upbringing and SOCIAL CLASS. All in all, I'm happy with the way he's worked out.


I started knocking about with gangs as an adolescent, so finished my first stint working for my father at age 17. Walked the streets causing trouble up until 21 when one drunken night, I woke up to find myself sporting a sore head and on a boat out of Liverpool. After four years in the Navy, I've gone AWOL after being falsely accused of theft of the King's property. Now I've returned home to find my fortune and seek asylum from those who would see me stand trial (and ultimately, be hanged) in the jurisdiction of King George, beyond the borders of the city-state of Cottonopolis.


ACADEMIA  2  Education 1, Languages 1, Surgery 1
FIGHTING  4  Blades 4 (Expertise: Knives), Blunt 1, Dodge 1, Rifles 1
PHYSICAL  1  Athletics 1, Grit 1, Notice 1, Sailing 1, Soldiering 1
SOCIAL    1  Persuasion 1
STREET    2  Gambling 1, Smarts 1
TRADE     1
METTLE    7 (earned +2 from rolling 00 to determine Stint 2)


WEALTH    2  Family earned a little from father's job as a butcher
NOTORIETY 3  I lashed out at those around me and got a reputation as a scrapper (improved from time as a Scuttler)
POSITION  4  Despite the sparse income, father's job afforded him a certain status. I also earned a rank promotion when in the Royal Navy (improved from time as a Sailor)


You were a victim of abuse when growing up. This could be at the hands of a family member, someone that you attended school with or an adult in a position of authority, such as a schoolteacher. The type and severity of abuse is up to you, but it was significant enough to leave lasting scars.

STARTING ROLE + FIRST STINT: Citizen (Trader, 4 years)

Following in father's footsteps as a butcher, I was particularly good with a blade. +1 WEALTHLIFE EVENT: Life on the Street - a local gang took an interest in me (they're nervous and unsure of me)

STINT 2: Criminal (Scuttler, 2 years)

I knifed my way into a position inside the gang that showed an interest in me. +1 NOTORIETY, LIFE EVENT: Something Went Wrong - minor accident.

STINT 3: Criminal (Scuttler, 2 years)

Rose to power within the gang. +1 NOTORIETY, LIFE EVENT: Life on the Street - I spent most of my time drunk, blissfully oblivious to life as I squandered what little money I had on alcohol, opiates, or both.

STINT 4: Military & Militia (Soldier/Sailor, 4 years)

Press-ganged into Navy after a booze-filled night in Liverpool and woke up on a ship out of the port. +1 POSITION, LIFE EVENT: Something Went Wrong - accused of a crime/hunted for a crime (I may or may not have committed).


Criminal (my list of contacts in the criminal underworld)


To do.

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