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A sci-fi roleplaying game of class struggle, eco-crisis and rebellion · By Dozy Wolf Games


Recent updates

December 2022
Hey folks! Nothing particularly new to report, except I'm still writing, still editing, and still (closed) play testing. It's been a busy few months at work, so...
Early November 2022 - Dice, Errors, Oh My!
Morning, folks. I have a busy week at work ahead, so I figured I'd take advantage of a quiet Sunday morning to scribble up the next devlog. Off we go! Character...
October 2022 - Let's talk about ships, baby!
Your Ship is a Setting! GMs and players alike: a ship isn’t just a tool or piece of equipment, it is a setting in its own right. It has a crew (which may be g...
September 2022 Update
Yeah, I started putting years into the devlogs as I expect I'll still be doing this in 2023. Nothing much to report: RL is very busy, I haven't had much time at...
PERIHELION - Characters v1.0
...and done. I've just uploaded the first release for Perihelion. This is an introduction to the game, everything you need to create a character, and a butt-loa...
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Progress Update mid-August
Howdy folks! Well, now the giant fusion reactor at the heart of our solar system has stopped trying to kill us over here in the UK, I've had a little more oppor...
August Update
Hi folks, Another quick update. I'm almost done with my final (at least, final as in "ready to release for people to pick holes in") release of the "Player's Gu...
July Update
Apologies for the delayed July update; it's been a difficult month or so, to say the least. Things are slowly getting back on track, however. Nothing much to re...
For discussion and feedback of the Character Creation release.