September 2022 Update

Yeah, I started putting years into the devlogs as I expect I'll still be doing this in 2023. Nothing much to report: RL is very busy, I haven't had much time at all to work on the main rules or playtest, but I'm hoping that'll change soon as things relax a little, I get more free time to work on the game, and I can enjoy some well-deserved leave from my day job.

Also on the horizon are:

  • An update to the character creation rules to allow you to switch off background images (printable PDF basically)
  • Some examples of character creation and, if I get the time...
  • ...a video walkthrough of character creation, with the dulcet tones of yours truly.

In the mean time, let me know if you have feedback on the v1.0 character rules and as always stay frosty!

-- Andy

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...and I just finished watching Cyberpunk Edgerunners and had a blast. So in addition to the bullet-points above, I'll aim to get some tasters put out for the sort of augments, weapons, gear and bioware your characters and Crew can tool up with. In particular, the latter, as PERIHELION is more about biohacking than it is, chrome and steel.

The gear section is pretty much complete. Heck, barring the setting and GM's section, the game is complete. It's just not in any state to release yet. But you want toys? I got you covered, compañero.