April Update

Happy April, and how time has flashed by. Current affairs around the world continue to provide me with plenty of horrifying material for the game (sadly) and I've been busy writing with the WaterBear TV channel in the background, which jumps between fascinating, informative and grim.

Progress has been a bit slower this month, due to some family issues I've been having to deal with, but I've been making good progress. One major addition to the game is a new step in character creation: choosing an Edge. Whilst I'm happy that characters end up with a good level of diversity of skills in the game, it is purely their skills that make them stand out and I wanted something else to distinguish one character from another. Edges are knacks, talents, feats and inherent abilities that provide a tangible benefit (and sometimes, flaws) to a character, as well as providing additional roleplaying opportunities. Let's take a look at a couple.


In a solar system as interconnected as the one in 2098, it's inevitable that those with the technological skills will use them to further their own agenda and those of their allies. You’re one such person, using your talents as a programmer, security specialist and system hacker to push your politics and change the world for the better. You know your enemy better than they know themselves. You gain a bonus of +1 to all OSINT checks against targets systems hosted by your enemies or groups whose politics oppose your own. In addition, when specifically data dipping these sorts of targets (fishing data streams from their corporate networks, for example) you may modify the result roll up or down by the MoS and select a result that suits you.


You’re tough, both physically and psychologically, able to withstand great stress and shrug off the effects of pain with little consequence. This might be your capacity to internalise the emotional and physical feelings that most people would find crippling, putting them aside or withdrawing inside yourself. Or simply, you’re battle-hardened, worn or weary of the challenges and hardships that the universe constantly throws at you, and that numbness of feeling is what shields you. Each time you would receive Dread you may instead defer doing so. Make a note of the Dread you would have received, keeping a running total. During your next Respite period, you may choose to either take the accrued Dread or make a Mental check vs. the accrued total. On a success, you may continue to defer its effects. On a Flourish, the accrued total is also reduced by 1. On a failure, the accrued total is converted to Dread as the weight of the psychological burden comes crashing down. On a Botch, this also occurs but with 1 you receive an additional point of Dread.

I've also been focusing on bringing the rules section into the document I'm laying out, which has itself proved challenging. Expect sidebars with content, examples and optional rules in the same vein as the Cyberpunk and Eclipse Phase 1e rulebooks.

Finally, I'm still running black-box tests of the game rules, which have led to some tweaks to the system. I'm expecting to be starting some closed testing with my gaming group in the next couple of months, so I'll report back on that with some session AARs as and when.

As always, stay frosty!

-- Andy

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