May Update

Well, the last month has SHOT past. This will be a short update. I'll be starting playtesting with my gaming group this month, beginning with a Session 0 in a couple of weeks' time. I'll make plenty of notes and write up the experience as well as anything that rears its ugly head.

To facilitate this, I've been working on laying out the various documents into one (adding some CC art where I can and placeholders where I can't) with a view to printing it out in the next week or so. Currently, the rulebook is sat at just over 200 pages and, well, I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty text-dense, though I've done my best to break it up.

The last month I've written up, edited and laid out the core rules, advanced rules, combat rules, spacecraft and vehicles rules, security and hacking rules and the section talking about AI technology, surveillance, sousveillance and other technologies central to Perihelion's theme. Phew. I'm in the middle of writing up the gear as, let's face it, my playtesters are going to want to get their hands on some toys.

And that, as they said, is that. For now. I will likely put an incomplete PDF online in the next 6-8 weeks which will contain everything barring the detailed setting information. Watch this space!

Thanks for your interest and, as always, stay frosty!

-- Andy

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