June Update (part one)

A very quick update. Life has been throwing a spanner in the works recently so I've not really had time to write up the detailed update I had planned, however, I should do Soon(TM).

Session Zero playtesting went well last month. In summary:

Things that worked: lifepaths, general character creation, the players REALLY got the theme of the setting, characters ended up very disparate (we had everything from a high-society dilettante with multiple apartments on one of the orbitals owned by the one-percent, to a guy who spent most of his lifepath in prison or scrounging and scavenging the wastelands)

Things that needed tweaking: I've ditched two of the four main Socialite Careers for something more thematically strong (instead of business entrepreneurs, you now have Activists and Politicians). Gear from Careers needed balancing. Switching Careers was too challenging and has been replaced with a "Career Wheel" that allows you to (potentially) jump from one end of the spectrum to the other (e.g. a Scav to one of the Social Elite) but at the risk of being ostracised by your old or new social circle.

This weekend we'll be doing a short Session Zero-Point-Five to apply the tweaks and adjustments I've made from the last session, then we'll be starting playing through an adventure I've been working on, tentatively named "Goodbye Blue Sky" and set in the Baja Free Territories, the Mexico-US Border Zone, the ruins of Mexico City and the jungles towards Guatemala.

Stay frosty!

-- Andy

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