Progress Update mid-August

Howdy folks! Well, now the giant fusion reactor at the heart of our solar system has stopped trying to kill us over here in the UK, I've had a little more opportunity to get some writing done. It's almost as if, when designing a game about the ecological demise of the planet at the hands of multinational, profit-focused business conglomerates, I just need to look out of the window or at the news for inspiration...

So where am I up to and what can you expect next? Well, the final ("player") PDF should come in at 85 pages, including the cover, credits, art, etc. I have a bit of outstanding writing to finish off and some administrative bits and pieces to do, then I'll make it available for download. Notably, what's outstanding is:

  • Ten pieces of flavour text in the sidebars throughout the document, mainly near the end, around the Skills and Edges section.
  • I've reached out to all the artists whose CC art I'm using in the PDF to ask permission to make minor changes to the art pieces to fit them into the rulebook (this is typically minor cropping to fit it into the document). The art in question is "NoDerivs", which means I can't edit it in any way, so I need to get permission from the artists in question (and as of writing, I have a yes from macarious - check their art out, it's fantastic!)
  • I need to generate a little more AI art here and there, but I'm building up a good collection of art pieces from DALL-E-2 now.
  • One final pass of reading and spell-checking.

I hope to get all this done by the end of August, I shall let you know in the next update. However, bear with me as work and domestic life are rather busy right now! Once this is done, I'll be continuing with the core rules. These will likely be more sparse on art but we'll see how things go.

Until then, I'll leave you with some more of the fantastic AI art I've been experimenting with using DALL-E-2.

Stay frosty!

-- Andy

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