PERIHELION - Characters v1.0

...and done. I've just uploaded the first release for Perihelion. This is an introduction to the game,  everything you need to create a character, and a butt-load of setting material in the sidebars. Enjoy!

The document is an 85-page protected PDF featuring full-colour CC, licensed and AI-generated art  (the reason for protecting it is the licensing terms for the images I have spent money on). Inside you'll find:

  • 19 pages introducing the game and setting, including a timeline of events up to 2098
  • 13 pages explaining the process of creating a character
  • 12 pages of Careers
  • 10 pages of lifepath tables
  • 16 pages of Skills and Edges
  • 4 pages explaining how to put a Crew together
  • 3 pages explaining PC and Crew advancement
  • Credits & Art Attribution

Please provide any feedback you might have here: and if you create any characters, share them!

I'd like to thank the following artists for their Creative Commons art, some of which are used in the document:

MARV6617, Inteaselive, ButteredbapAranniHK, ptitvinc, macarious, JonasDeRo, AdrianMarkGillespie, matgyro, and icedestroyer,

If I get time in the coming weeks, I'll put together a video walkthrough of character creation and put that online. Until then, I'll continue working on the rest of the rulebook.

Stay frosty!

-- Andy


PERIHELION - Characters v1.0.pdf 42 MB
Aug 27, 2022

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